social-media-marketingSocial Media 

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus. Your business is now expected to have a voice and be social.

Think of Facebook as being the way you showcase your business. Twitter is the newsroom where you share articles and interact with other users talking about your business. Instagram is like the visual PowerPoint presentation on what you sell or the experience that you want people to buy into. Google Plus and Google My Business need to be used so that you can ingratiate yourself with the Google Search algorithm.





Content Marketing 

From social media images to written website content, your business should follow a simple, all-encompassing strategy.

The content on your website is important for SEO. Google will crawl your website to try and figure what you’re about and then make sure that you show up in a relevant spot on Google search depending on the search terms a Googler is using.


SEO – Search Engine Optimization 

The most important digital marketing aspect a small business should be focused on. How to get to the top of Google.

When someone is searching for “best pizza in Las Vegas” you will want to be in the number one or two spots where people can easily find you. This has a lot to do with your website content, whether or not you have an updated and verified Google My Business page if you consistently update your social media and a few more tips and tricks that I won’t reveal to you now.


Understanding what all of your digital marketing efforts are actually doing for your business. We’ll put this into a comprehensive document for you and the beginning of each month.

After you put all of your efforts into social media, content marketing, email, and other digital platforms, you will want to know if it worked. Did people come back to your website? Did they make a purchase or make a reservation on your website? How are people finding your website? Do most people use your website while on a mobile device or on their desktop computer? This is where reporting comes into play.