Disregard Google, Get Traffic



We all thought that the popularity contest would be over after high school, but we couldn’t have been more wrong. Business owners are always clamoring for Google’s attention, hoping that if they make enough noise they can become the Regina George of their industry. Haven’t you realized yet that Google is just toying with you, playing an incessant game? As much as we like to invest in status symbols (ie. Expensive cars, fancy houses and branded clothing) we have to remember that being “number 1” for certain searches shouldn’t be about status. Google provides targeted traffic to your site in the hopes that it will convert. The only catch is you have to play the game and Google plays favorites. If you’re tired of relying solely on rankings to bring you business then it’s time to introduce new traffic-producing strategies:



1. Social Media BFFs

Yeah, sure you have branded Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus pages but are you using them to their full potential? Simply posting quality content on these platforms has become less about engagement and more about reinforcing your social links. Focus more on finding potential customers within your area that are in need of your help. On Twitter, you can search for specific words within people’s tweets that live within your service area. Interact with these potential customers by answering their questions and you can even drop a link to one of your blogs that may help them. It’s all about the art of subtlety.

2. The Surprising Subreddits

Reddit looks like a mishmash of jargon from the outsiders’ point of view. However, this platform can lead to massive amounts of traffic for your site if used correctly.

  • Research subreddits appropriate to your industry.
  • Post at the right time to get the most exposure.
  • Monitor responses and reply to any questions.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY! Read guidelines or get banned.


3. Youtube

If you can’t find an answer on Google then head to YouTube is what they always say. Seriously, this is the best study tool for College students and even helps you learn how to cook, unplug a toilet or fix your car. Within any industry, there is the possibility to provide tutorial videos. From there, these can be shared on social media as a post or during interactions with potential customers. Just remember to include links back to your site inside the description for each video.

This is just a starter course on how to increase traffic back to your site without focusing on rankings. At the end of the day, we all just want to see more conversions happen on our site and what better way to get this than go straight to those in need of your product or service?


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